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A little background

The Firm

Fante Advisory is specialized in corporate finance and asset consultancy operations, both on capital and debt, finding and evaluating alternative sources of financing. It manages for its clients acquisition, merger, sale and extraordinary finance transactions, up to privatization and listing operations

It offers consultancy and assistance in defining strategic and industrial plans in support of companies development.

The Advisory team provides an answer to the more and more widespread need among Italian SMEs to face the current challenges and difficulties presented by the global market with competence and problem solving skills and the guarantee of great experience and absolute independence and absence of conflict of interest, thanks to the support of an institutional and professional network of great importance both in Italy and abroad


Specialized consultancy projects



The professionals of Fante Advisory work alongside the Italian industries of the automotive the sector in order to support them in their business choices and in all their strategic operations. From the growth of emerging markets, to new regulations up to environmental sustainability: our consultancy specializes in all the key issues of the automotive market


In the Telco scenario, which complexity leads the market demand towards the main operators pushes to increase speed and implement the technology with significant investments, the Fante Advisory team develops M&A and corporate finance operations identifying the best opportunities for assisted customers.

Food & Beverage

Considered one of the most expanding strategic sectors, Food & Beverage is increasingly called upon to make investments in research and innovation, focusing more and more on the latest generation technologies. In this context of evolution, Fante Advisory guides and advises its customers in the correct organization of the management and operational asset


Continuous innovation and ever new competitors in the market make it necessary for companies in the IT sector to keep a strategic and constant evolution of their business model. The Fante Advisory Technology team supports companies in the field, from start-ups to consolidated companies, in managing this complexity by transforming it into an opportunity for its clients


The Utilities Team works alongside companies providing services in various sectors, from the mechanical, food, textile, IT or chemical industries. Fante Advisory puts its know-how at the service of its customers, guiding them in the best choices, through targeted strategies in order to increase corporate value

Luxury & Fashion

The Fante Advisory team specializing in Luxury & Fashion supports its clients in the sector in identifying and seizing the opportunities offered by national and international markets. The Firm supports its clients in brand protection programs and study business strategies aimed at guaranteeing growth and optimization of resources and invested capital


Improving the efficiency and reliability of fleets with innovative solutions and services is the great challenge for the railway sector. Thanks to an important professional background of some of its Members and Senior Advisor in this specific field, Fante Advisory always guarantees the utmost efficiency and professionalism in its consultancies


The IT sector is at the center of the digital transformation processes of many companies and will increasingly be (Cloud, Cybersecurity, Mobility, Big Data, Cognitive Computing, IoT). Fante Advisory avails itself of a network of expert Advisors able to understand the trends in the IT sector




Fante Advisory offers consultancy and assistance to its clients in delicate acquisitions, mergers, assignments and extraordinary finance transactions such as demergers or disposals of distressed companies and businesses. The Advisory Team is responsible for assessing the feasibility and convenience of transactions by analyzing the economic, equity and financial aspects. Among its M&A services, Fante Advisory is constantly looking for new industrial and financial partners, establishing relationships of trust and credibility with investors, banking and financial system

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Debt Advisory

Fante Advisory assists its clients in the identification, analysis and implementation of the most effective financing options offered by the market, with the aim of supporting development plans or refinancing expiring exposures.
Consolidated relationships with the banking system and other market operators allow the area to evaluate and select the most appropriate lenders for our clients. In the process of choosing the feasibility of the operation, the preliminary evaluation of the operation, assistance in identifying the best financing conditions, negotiation of contractual documentation and completion of the operation are the main phases of its debt advisory business

Industrial and strategic advisory

Fante Advisory offers consultancy and assistance by analyzing the strategic positioning of the customer in relation to the market and competition, deepening the business model and competitive advantages.     
The area proposes renewal and development alternatives, portfolio strategies and new partnerships by veriyfing the feasibility and evaluating the necessary investments.               
In addition, it develops detailed business plans, performs on-going checks on the expected performances and analyzes costs and commercial levers such as policy pricing.     
In all these phases, alongside the Restructuring team, Fante Advisory supports the customer in managing the change, supporting its implementation and providing consultancy to top management




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Over the years, Paolo Fassio gained specific skills in the M&A sector, restructuring and turnaround and in the tax and corporate sector, with particular reference to Italian small and medium-sized enterprises. He holds numerous positions in medium and large companies, both listed and unlisted

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Paolo Fassio Partner
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Roberto Testore has managed important companies on the national scene, from Fiat to Finmeccanica to Trenitalia, successfully supervising and developing globalization processes and corporate relaunches. Today member of several boards on the board of important companies

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Roberto Testore Partner


Work in Advisory

Commitment, motivation and excellence are the main factors that distinghuish the Advisory Team and Fante Group. We offer to all our collaborators the chance to enrich their career path in a  dynamic environment, in order to achieve challenging objectives together.

We keep our job listings constantly updated with internships for undergraduates and recent graduates, and placements for professionals with at least a couple of years of experience in the sector

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